Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pottery Barn Styling Tips & Tricks Revealed - Part One

This post is the first in a series.  
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My sister and I attended a Pottery Barn Design Tips &  
Tricks for Your Home class at our local store last weekend.   
It was so fun to have an exclusive, insider look 
direct from the Pottery Barn stylists.

Part One of this series is going to take a look at 
some of the design tips for the Living Room area.

1.  Always use odd numbers in your displays – they are more visually appealing.  The photo above illustrates 3 items used in the display.  The books and mercury glass objects all count as one object visually as that is how your eye will read the grouping.
2.   Items do not have to be centered on the coffee table.  If you are planning on using it to – I don’t know – put your feet up or set down a glass, move your display off center to a corner.  It will still look great.
3.  Do not place anything too high on the coffee table – people should be able to see each other across the space.

4.  The edge of the rug in your living room should start just under the front legs of your couch and chairs.  A 5 x 8 rug works perfectly in most spaces but you can go larger depending on the size of your room.
5.  When planning your room or shopping for furniture – use painter’s tape, newspaper or cardboard in the size of the furniture you are considering to make sure it fits.  With the high ceilings and big open spaces in most showrooms the furniture will look smaller than it’s actual size.  Be sure to account for pathways around furniture in your plan as well.

6.    A console table in the back of the couch should never be higher than the back of the couch (otherwise you will most likely bang your head on it when you flop down on the couch at the end of a long day).

7.   End tables should be the same height as the arms of the couch or chair.  Too low and a guest will be likely to drop their drink and too high they will bump the side of the table with the glass.  I never thought about it in this way but it’s so true - I would totally do that!

8.     Use pillow inserts and covers so you can change the decor out seasonally.  It will save you money and allow you to constantly refresh your space.
9.    Mix and match textures and shapes for interest.  Notice the different textures in the photo above and the throw - that also counts as a layer.
10.  When layering your pillows, start with the 20 x 20 in the back then go progressively smaller.  Use more pillows in the corner of a sectional to provide more back support.

Tip: How to stuff the pillow inserts into the covers.
Have you tried?  A lot of the openings in the pillow covers are 
smaller than the width of the pillow.  The trick?  Take the insert and 
karate chop down the middle then fold in half like a burrito.  
Insert it into the cover and unfold 
{make sure the corners are in the right places},  
punch the pillow to fluff it out and you are done!

One last thought -  take into consideration who the room will be used by.  
The displays in the store are not meant to be child or pet friendly, 
unlike most people’s homes.  If you have young children or pets, 
it’s best to keep your breakable items on display on higher surfaces 
rather than low ones like coffee tables.

Bedroom tips will be next post so stay tuned!

What was your favorite tip?  

Do you have your own tips to share?

Let me know in the comments below - I love to hear from you!

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  1. Great tips!! I love pottery barn and always look at their catalogs to get my own ideas. :-)
    Following you on Facebook and Pinterest.

    Katie - istayhomeforthis.com

  2. Good advice! I need to see if I can find a Pottery Barn class. That's awesome. Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  3. Fantastic tips I've often wondered the right size for a side table I'm forever getting ones to high or low and now I know the right size!!

    Thank you for linking up to the I Love My Post Blog Hop.

    Life in a Break Down

  4. Love these tips! Actually came across a link to your bedroom tips but couldn't resist coming to read these ones too. Love the cushion insert tip most - never thought of that!

  5. My tip: If you have small children, don't have a coffee table or end tables! No one gets hurt that way! Have an ottoman instead!

  6. I love all of the tips but my favorite was the one about table heights, I always struggle with that. Love your blog and I am signing up for your feed.

  7. Great Tips!! Now I need new End Tables hahaha, didn't know this until now, so thanks so much..Wish we had Pottery Barn classes here in WV.
    Visit my blog as well at www.houseanddenim.blogspot.com

  8. Love these tips! And you know PB has great style!

  9. Well, I am so OCD that I had to see Pt. 1 before I could check out Pt. 2, even though Pt. 2 is where I found you....sigh! Love the tips, but my favorite is about end table height. Yay, I think we did it right! Okay, now I can go check out Part 2!

  10. Great post. I'll have to use these tips as I'm redecorating my living room

  11. Found this on interest - love this post!

  12. Enjoyed this post. I already do most of these things without realizing I was following Pottery Barn rules! HA. I'll continue to use the tips as I continue to decorate. Thanks again for doing a great post.

  13. This is so basic design nothing revolutionary. PB started the standard.....most just follow.

  14. Love pottery barn, and the visuals on the tips and the tips are great. My tip when your decorating a room your eye should see three levels, low rugs ect med couch ,pics ,tables and high enterainment centers, fans, bookcases...ect that way youve created visual interest at all levels.

  15. Just curious - what is the reasoning for positioning the rug just under the sofa?

  16. Redecorating my new place after a divorce - I left most of home interiors behind to re invent a space that was my own....Been having trouble finding right look and after reading this it just occurred to me Im trying to use an even number of items. That's what is throwing me off! Thank you

  17. I, too, love Pottery Barn -- more the catalogs than the actually stores. The PB styling is pretty much always spot on, + I've borrowed ideas for my own house! We must be as poor as church mice, but a lot of their merch is too "spendy" for me. I think the décor establishment considers PB to be on the low side, price-wise! Whoops!

  18. These are great ideas but aren't most common sense? Decorating to me as always just been whatever you like, I don't really follow any "rules"; everyone's sense of style and taste are going to be different.